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Call for New Board Members (Independent Experts): SCREAM


SCREAM is a local non-governmental organisation seeking to recruit new board members to ensure we have the capacity and skills to oversee the next phase of our work. While the roles are unpaid voluntary positions, this is an opportunity to guide and direct a dynamic team that is passionate about making a meaningful socio-economic and environmental impact. Reasonable expenses are paid. Board members are expected to attend 3 board meetings per year, but also to participate in the life of the organization between board meetings, engaging with the staff team contributing their valuable experience in their field and acting in an ambassadorial role for the organisation. Board positions are advertised for a maximum period of 2 years (Renewable).


SCREAM is a local non-governmental organization aimed at ending gender-based violence against women and girls. We center on empowering marginalized women and promote their well being by means of education, counselling, as well as address a wider range of associated issues including sexual harassment, development issues, health and eliminating all forms of exploitation and discrimination affecting women and girls, to protect their rights through advocacy and other forms of assistance with a view of fostering equality and peace in our society.

About the roles

We are seeking to recruit board members and expect that different candidates will bring a range of skills and experience to cover and include the following:

To apply

To express interest in joining SCREAM, please email your application together with your resume to

Deadline: 29 January 2021

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