Full time
zw 31/07/2017   Full time

Deadline: 20 August 2017

Key objective
Responsible for the overall financial management and accounting functions in liaison with the human resources and administration of the organisation.


  • A relevant Higher National Diploma / Degree in Accounting;
  • Or Part CCIS, or professional qualification such as SAAA, IAC, ACCA;
  • At least three (3) years accounting & management experience;
  • Registered with a Professional Organisation;
  • Experience with a non-profit organisation is an advantage

Specific skills

  • Sound knowledge of accounting software;
  • Discreet to work in all ethical and professional manners;
  • Strength as a 'people person' and 'servant leader';
  • Ability to analyse and solve problems at hand;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Sound knowledge of the human resources function;
  • Confidence to interact and deal at a high profile and to handle presentations when required

Key Performance Areas (4 KRAs)

Financial Management:

  • Prepare plans, budgets and financial forecasts for the organization;
  • Prepare financial statements in areas of income, expenses and cash flow;
  • Monitor and control capital purchases by keeping record of condition;
  • Develop management and financial reporting systems;
  • Monitor purchasing procedures and carry out periodic checks on stocks, inventories and petty cash;
  • Produce income and expenditure statements;
  • Maintain computerized accounting system for the management of programme expenditures.

Financial Policy Planning:

  • Review of Travel and Subsistence Rates and trip reconciliation procedures;
  • Updating the Accounting manual and getting it discussed by board and signed;
  • Updating and presenting to staff on the understanding of the General Conditions of Service periodically;
  • Developing a user-friendly manual for financial procedures by non-financial staff

Financial Accounting:

  • Preparing estimates of expenditure;
  • Monitoring budget performance;
  • Preparing bank reconciliations;
  • Preparing financial statements;
  • Presentation of financial Statements;
  • Ensure compliance with statutory obligations;
  • Maintain accounting records and books of accounts;
  • Produce final accounts and audit schedules;
  • Ensure that bank reconciliations as well as debtors and creditors statements are done monthly;
  • Ensure that cheque books, purchase order books, invoices etc. are well accounted for and are kept in safe and secure custody;
  • Ensure that all payments to suppliers and / or projects in accordance with relevant project contracts regulations and approved budgets are timeously disbursed;
  • Maintain an asset register with Depreciation Cost Factors;
  • Maintain separate accounting systems for the different project contracts;
  • Arrange insurance cover for the organisation’s assets;
  • Carry out other duties and functions as may be assigned by the Executive Director.

Financial administration:

  • Holding workshops necessary to educate non-accounting staff;
  • Putting into place systems of accounting to be used by non-accounting staff;
  • Overseeing and managing the administrative operations of the organisation, including stock and staff management;
  • Overseeing payroll management;
  • Directing the computerisation of the accounting system;
  • Maintenance of fixed assets register

Decision Making (two key decisions made in the job):

  • Management of Petty Cash and Stock Control;
  • Production of Monthly Financial reports;
  • Professional supervision and monitoring of subordinates
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