Social Media Overview


We have all adjusted to the new “norm” of doing business. The amount of face to face interactions have decreased and working from home and virtual interactions are becoming mainstream. As organisations move to sustain their programs and services, there is a greater reliance on the use of technology and digital platforms and the use of social media has become a critical tool to support and complement offline activities. Likewise, on the other side, people are getting community and connection online, and social platforms are providing people with a place to transact, share and gather information and news, and find support.

Over the coming weeks, we will share how organisations can build and implement social media activities to drive marketing and communications efforts. So let’s start by having a look at internet access and social media usage in Zimbabwe. Reports from POTRAZ show that the popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in that order. With an internet penetration rate of almost 60%, potential social media reach is high and even more internationally.

In the next editions, we will delve deeper into each social media platform individually starting with Facebook.

Source: S Musara, marketing and communications advisor [email protected]

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